Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Waiting no longer

Well, there was frost out this morning and I had to scrape the windshield, so I think Fall is over. Looks like rain for the next couple of days, then sun and highs in the '50s early next week.

It's going to be crowded at the house the next few days; HVAC ductwork should be going in tomorrow, the well driller Rod will be by to talk about hooking the well into the house and we will be there for a four-day fun fest of roofing. I will be getting the scaffolding for the roofing and trying to work on the porch rafters. On Friday Bob and his merry men will be over to start the roofing--if the rain holds off. Saturday Kenny the plumber will be over to start the drain and vent lines--he thinks a single day will be all he needs to run that (wow). We spent a bunch 'o money at Lowes (go big blue!) this week on plumbing fixtures and plumbing lines. Yesterday Linnea went all googley-eyed over an outdoor faucet that has hot and cold to a single hose bib. She has imagined a shower hookup for summer use on a single hose line. Great idea, but they didn't have it on the shelf.

Power poles are setup and dug into the solid limestone shelf that hides below the dirt. They should be finished today with setting the overhead lines to tie us into the main feed and then BAM, we got the power. Let's take the generator back to the tool rental place ASAP.

More pictures to load, but they are on a flash card at home and I am at work.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Okay, where are we now?

It's raining here in Ohio, and that means mud. It also means that the roof is leaking, onto both the piles of pine flooring and the appliances in the basement. Funny, I never saw THAT on "This Old House". We are looking for about a week of dry weather coming up, and the roofing team is scheduled for late next week.

The porch deck is framed now, and about 2/3s has decking on it. We are going to finish the posts and decking, then start the porch roof framing next.

We have also found a plumber! Kenny is a friend of a friend from church and says this is going to be easy--I hope so. We got our plumbing plans approved and pulled (that's contractor speak for "I went and paid extortion money to the county") a permit. Now we are ready to start. Saturday we are blocking in the toilets and marking where the waste lines will go. This is totally new for me (waste and vent) and I was really nervous when I thought of doing it all on my own. It comes back to the third grade--where I learned most of life's important lessons; if you have somone to hold your hand things are better. And a nap helps too. Cookies are even better.