Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cut the red wire! The red wire!

This is the manifold for our PEX plumbing. It's a distribution panel for plumbing, the same as an electric panel distributes electricity across your house. Since there is one side for hot and the other for cold, and each shutoff valve feeds a single line going to a single device (like a toilet or sink), the delivery time of hot or cold water should be instantaneous. It's also like wrestling with a snake, but not an angry anaconda.

We started the manifold connections tonight and as usual, it took longer than planned. So far, I have bought the $180 Zurn multi-size crimper, tubing cutter, a 100+ clips to attach the tubing to the joists, 100 crimp rings and about 20 right angle elbows. I now need to line up solid boards to the left and right of the manifold to clamp the lines to. The PEX has to meet the valve at nearly a perfect straight line to keep pressure off of the valve--which could cause the valve to leak or the line to leak.

Tomorrow is another 'vacation' day at the house, and in the afternoon Travis the electrician will be by to help finish the electrical panel. Should be nearly done with it and ready for the rough plumbing test this week. I will call the inspector for a visual on the rough before we pressure test it.

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