Friday, September 14, 2007

More memory lane

In honor of coming to the close of building, here's a taste of the photo progression I am putting together...some stills from over the 18 months we have been at this.


The house site with stakes laying it all out.

The house site in the snow...this is a good photo to compare to the hill we built around the basement.

The house framed on September 1st 2006--just twelve months ago. It seems such a long and such a short time ago.

The backfill and landscaping almost finished.

The most recent photo of Thistle House. You can't see the dozen or so Monarch butterly cocoons on the house, but the day we finished the last inspection we got to watch one of the butterflies take his first flight to the hanging basket to load up on nectar. I bet he was as hungry as we were excited.


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