Friday, February 24, 2006

Life lessons from salty water

Well, well well-three holes in the ground. That was one of my Dad's favorite sayings, and I wish he was alive so I could tell him that we own a hole in the ground. We got a call this afternoon as I was leaving work from Rod the well driller. He said that he was done and was packing up the rig--did we want to come up and see the well working? Did we ever! I went home and grabbed Linnea and the kids and headed North. Got up there on a cooling Ohio afternoon; the sun was still high enough to warm us by it's heat, but the wind was strong enough to blow it away before you were warm. So we stood in the wind and sun for about an hour talking wells and work and life with Rod the driller. Rod's one of the saltiest salts of the earth I have ever met. His grandfather got him started on drilling when Rod was still in school. Rod said he used to sneak out of school to spend the day with his Granpa and drill wells. Rod is still drilling wells the same way his Granpa did, with a cable rig. The cable rig is an old school drill that uses percussive pounding to drill the well, rather than a rotary drill that cuts through quickly. Rod and about half of the county inspectors we spoke to recommended the percussive drill as it breaks up the rock and produces more veins that feed the well. So as Rod told me more about wells and how he drills them I heard more than just the work he did, I heard him talking about a passing way of life--working hard for a living. Rod has been through 15 different apprentices in the last couple of years. Rod's about my age (close to 40), but working in the heat and cold, sun and rain has weathered him like the rock he drills in. None of the apprentices has worked out as they all wanted to apprentice to Donald Trump rather than a hard working man who knows the value of hard work. It made me want to tell him "I will work for you!" or maybe volunteer one of our sons. I know that my grandfathers knew the value of hard work and so did my Dad. It took me a lot longer to learn that lesson than I want to admit.

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