Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Molasses in Winter

One of the frustrations of contracting your own house is that you don't have anyone to blame for inactivity except yourself. There are periods where nothing is happening at the house, and while there are multiple tasks to get done you can't get to them. Working a regular job and trying to lead a 'normal' life, despite juggling the 5,000 piece house building puzzle, leaves a few hours available each day to concentrate on building. Yesterday was one of my workout days (conveniently required by the Air Force, so I have to make it fit my schedule) and I left work about 45 minutes later than normal. So that sucked up even more time. I did laze around the house for a bit, but my window of opportunity to work on the house was only about 12.5 seconds. Some of the Olympic skiing runs were shorter than that, but they ended in a crash.
Today I carried over all the items that were on yesterday's To Do List. Call two plumbers back, call a HVAC company to ask about their bid and the township zoning office to get our siteplan offically blessed. And that's why I reply 'about September first' when asked "When will you move in?"

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