Thursday, June 15, 2006

Get a golden shovel honey!

Well, we closed the construction loan today and I want everyone to do their part to keep interest rates down so the adjustable part of the rate doesn't. During the construction we will have an adjustable rate loan; it starts with a lower rate than the prime but it can climb as high as 12.95%--if the LIBOR (London Interbank loan rate) goes that high. Since it's been low and isn't only tied to the US market I hope it doesn't change too much. We will see.

But, we can start construction next week. The backhoe should be on site on Tuesday and putting in a road (good thing, as it's 4WD to get past the swamp/mud bath). He will also start the footers for the foundation for the house and the garage. Our shed is almost done, all we need is a door and to install the bay window. Plus finish enclosing the gable end and shingle it. Can't be more that three days of hard work.

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