Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My favorite funny sites

Okay, I admit to spending way to much time cruising the internet looking for funny things that make me laugh. Some of my favorite sites are too good to keep to myself. Here, for your enjoyment, are Gene's Favorite Places to Laugh - a great news site that spoofs Christians and our pomposity - a spoof of Tech Support and the people who support the 'Users' - another spoof site that lists all the wacko patents given out in the USA

Still waiting on the bank to finish the loan. The appraiser is appraising the house for the loan-to-value ratio (house >= loan), then we should be approved and start construction. We spent Memorial Day weekend at the property building our storage shed. It's the art studio in the Stinking River (see Blog somewhere down below). Three walls are up and we hope to get one or more today. And our replacement mower arrived from Country Home Products (the DR Mower people). The first threw a piston rod or something and blew a hole in the crankcase after 10 minutes of run time. DR sent a replacement engine, but it was for last year's model. To make amends they sent us a new mower and it's here, waiting at the lumber yard for us to clear the trailer (full of shed lumber) and pick up. More to come on that...

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