Saturday, March 31, 2007

We are building a tower

Here is the sequence of scaffolding from today. We started with a tower three bucks high--we ended with five bucks. I don't know why they are called 'bucks', it's just what my friend Bob the mason calls them. So that's what we do. These lovely red scaffold bucks are from Duane, our framer and overseeing contractor.

Anyway, if you look hard you can see that the soffit is going on the right (North) side of the silo. I stood on a ladder on the balcony (don't tell OSHA) to nail it on.

This last picture is from the ground looking up the scaffolding. It's a long way to fall, so I anchored the scaffolding through the open window to a 2X4 screwed into the inside of the silo. It's also attached to the porch and the balcony. Despite it's height, it's pretty stable and not too wobbly. Linnea, she who is not afraid of falling but is afraid of dropping things, said (after she was on the ground), "Holy cow, that is really tall!"

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