Monday, April 02, 2007

Just hanging around

Here are a few pictures of the work today. I am hanging out of the attic gable vent that will be installed a little after this picture is taken. I am SO glad that Tim the evil physical fitness leader (our Air Force version of a sadist) has been working us on our abdominals. I had to lean out of the hole, upside down and nail in the facsia siding and paint the nails over. I about threw up I was so tired--my neck tried to spasm with a charley-horse.

You can see the second photo has the gable vent installed and Linnea is painting and finishing the shingle siding. We plan to finish it up tonight as the boys are at their science class. The wind is forecast to be around 30 MPH tomorrow, so we are going to skip working on the scaffolding.
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