Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another tool review

The Bosch Drywall Screw driver bit tool review

While shopping at Lowes I found a screw driver tip from Bosch. It's their Drywall Dimpler/Driver and it's great. It attaches to your regular screw driver and turns it into a drywall driver and dimpler. Using a drill with a clutch set fairly low, it avoids overdriving screws and allows someone unskilled to set them accurately at the right depth. It's not perfect, but it works about 90% of the time. It's weakness is inside corners, where the drill body keeps the bit from being square on to the drywall--it leaves a slightly proud screw. My kids and I call these screws "need to be humbled screws" as they are slightly proud. We have a kid running around with either a hand powered screw driver or a battery powered one with a regular Phillps bit in it. It wears out pretty quickly when it slips in the cross slots of the screw, and I am not sure if the tip can be replaced or not, although it does come out.

About $10-15, depending on where you buy it. Reversable to lock out the built in clutch. Worth buying for a single house worth of work.

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