Thursday, June 07, 2007

Drywall in the homestretch

Here's a picture to tide you over until's another three day weekend as I am taking Friday off from work to spend on drywall. We have almost all of the ground floor finished, and will start tomorrow with the stairs going up to the first floor. I have to explain that we have not decided what to call the ground floor/first floor/downstairs and what to call the first floor/upstairs/second floor. You see, we have lived eight years in Europe and came to Ohio from England--where the ground floor is the one that has a front door. The first floor is the one you walk up stairs to from the ground floor. Here in the States it seems to be a little more confusing with the first floor being the ground floor and the second floor is the first floor. As clear as mud.

Anyways (my Mom would kill me for starting a sentence with "Anyways"), here is a picture of the basement and first floor with lights--new and improved. We are getting fluorescents for the can lights--the new ones from Sylvania seem to work well and don't have a color tinted toward green. The kelvin of the one's we like is unknown (from the packaging) but it is their 100W incandescent replacements that are 23W. A nice, yellow light very similar to the light from an incandescent.

The front of the house, now with running water and lights!

And the back of the house, looking into the living room.

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