Saturday, July 07, 2007

Here's a series of photos to show what we have been doing this long weekend. We rented a boom lift from Art's Rentals to let us skip the wobbly nightmare of scaffolding over the settling fill dirt. It's been a toss up, whether to finish the siding before or after the fill was done. Neither one has been really a decent base for the scaffolding. It's costing us a small fortune for the boom lift, but it's really handy and is allowing us to get it done in just a few days. I freaked out at about the 25' height, so Linnea has been working in the bucket and I have been cutting siding and getting it upstairs with the kid's help. Here are some pictures to show how it's gone.

Here's Linnea finishing up the dormer in our bedroom.

This is the dormer for the boy's room.

And working on the back of the house. Due to a shortage in the Hardiplank, we are going to 'celebrate' the area above the windows with shingles. It should look great tomorrow.

How it looked around 9PM tonight as we got ready to leave.

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Gene said...

Looking good! The boom lift makes a ton of sense given the height of the house on that side. It's hecka scaffolding to get that high, and it's a lot more difficult to set up on uneven ground like that.