Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kitchen moves closer to completion

Here is today's work; since it's Sunday we try to get some rest and not work so hard. We have been just going to the house after church and letting the kids play while we get some things done. Today we got the counter under-layment and the tile backer installed. I also wired the kitchen island outlets and finished the kitchen circuits. The ovens are on, the lights all work (except for one that I wired wrong--the 'hot' wire that feeds it is connected to another switch so it's doubly switched). Catch that one later.

The seating at the end of the island is visible now; there's room for four to have breakfast or ice cream (or smoothies if feeling healthy). Linnea will work on the tile tomorrow and the oldest son and I will install the last kitchen cabinet tomorrow night.

The island and the pantry in the distance.

Here's the island from the pantry.

And the sink cabinets under the window.

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TTFWEB said...

Nice blog. Best of luck on the kitchen. I really like the pictures of your house - I am partial to dutch colonials.

I was associated with the Navs for a number of years, starting at Oregon State, when I was a student.


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