Thursday, April 19, 2007


You know how things ALWAYS take longer than you think they will, and so you add in another 50% of your expected time to allow for overruns and delays? Then why is it that even with the extra time it still takes forever and about 50% on top of the 50% already added?

This is today's 'end of day' picture. Maybe I should start a new topic on the blog for "EOD" pictures? Of course, all of my military friends will think I have Explosive Ordinance Disposal technicians at my house all of the time. Need a better title...

Got another circuit finished today--running, stapling, stripping and bonding grounds takes forever! My arms are really sore from pulling on the 12/2 ROMEX to strip it, even with the cool little 'cable slicer' I got at Lowes. Speaking of which, I need to make Yet Another Trip To Lowes, our local version of Mecca. If the afterlife has anything to do with money spent at DIY or home improvement warehouses, we are so set. I hope my pastor doesn't read that line, I am in so much trouble if he does. Actually, he would probably sucker punch me again, like he did in February. Our church had a chili cookoff, and we are cleaning up afterwards and another friend is telling me how the pastor had sucker punched him the week before, and as I turned to Randy (the pastor) to ask if this was true--BLAM--right in the solar plexus--wheezing I looked at him with my best beagle eyes but he was unashamed. I am still plotting my vengeance--of course there is this verse about God taking charge of vengeance, so maybe I should let Him sucker punch Randy--heh, maybe I should tell Randy that I am going to let God sucker punch him for me, and see what Randy says?

Right, I am tired and off topic (this is a housebuilding blog after all).
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