Saturday, April 14, 2007

Plumbing before today's work

This is what the plumbing looks like. The top photo is the second try for the link-seal that the building inspector wanted and our septic guy didn't get right. It's now a 4" pipe in a 6" hole with a rubber-butyl compression fitting. Apparently Michelin makes more than tires, they also make plumbing!
The second photo is the beginning of the waste lines in the basement. The PVC line coming in from the left is the waste line from the master bath on the top floor. It runs straight down in a framed-box or square column that is by the front entry. We are also going to have drop the ceiling there too as Kenny needs the space for the tub and toilet waste lines. So, Linnea and I have been looking at Sarah Susanka's Not So Big House...books, looking for the right entry treatment to disquise the dropped ceiling. Out latest idea is either a post with knee braces similar in design to the porch rafter tails or a column with a small shelf to demarcate the entry and anchor the dropped ceiling. We will mock it up and see how it looks. May take a picture to let you know what it looks like too :-)

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