Thursday, April 26, 2007

Watch this space!

While it isn't as impressive as it will be, this (IMHO) will be the crowning achievement of our work on Thistle House. All of the wiring, plumbing, siding and roofing will be background work--mostly unseen. But this skylight at the top of the stairs will be something special. We found it at the Dayton Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The ReStore is a lumberyard/donation headquarters for all kinds of treasures--donated to help fund Habitat for Humanity's work in affordable family housing. The Velux skylight came from the ReStore minus the flashing kit--but it was just as good as a new one from Lowes at less than 50% of the cost. It was kinda of a whim purchase, and we thought about using it in the un-started garage. When I was working on shingling the roof, Linnea and I decided to install in on the South facing top of the roof. It shines right, and brite, into our daughter's room and the top of the stairs. We want it to shine mostly on the top of the stairs, but would like to turn our daughter's room into an eventual office, as we framed in a removeable box that will be a reflector opening over the stairs. Here is a picture of the box. When we are ready to convert the room, the ceiling can be removed there and the framing unscrewed: presto, a skylight straddling two rooms.

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